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Hello EllisP,

A few ideas to help you track down...

- Have a check see if postfix is actually running. Do something like "ps ax | grep master" - you should have a process listed there.

See if its listening on the address you're connecting to - "netstat -A inet -nlp" see if a process "master" for port 25 is listening on either any address ( or a specified address.

- Check you're not firewalled out at all?

- On my ubuntu installation when I configured postfix it automatically specified start on boot. You might like to check thats the case on yours.

- Where are you telneting from? Is it your local PC, could it be antivirus or similar getting in the way?

- Maybe do a "service postfix restart" to check its starting correctly.

- Have a look in the mail log file for errors - something like "cat /var/log/mail.log".

- you said you followed a Perfect Server guide, suggesting you installed ISPConfig. What happens when you log in there and go to the monitor tab? Does it show any services offline?

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