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Ok, Thank you for your response.

But i thought it can be useful if the panel did that like an add-on. Because ISPConfig is "aware" of the servers in the network, so it can add "reverse proxies" to self or to another dedicated reverse proxy server (I assume a lots of us use that way). Otherwise it will be manual work on the loadbalancer/reverseproxy to add all those webservers from ISPConfig, let us say if there are 20 servers or more. However i doubt if it can be done in the case of SSH and FTP connections, unless the ports are unique across and changed in the respective servers and a way to define them in the Panel so that a DNAT rule is generated when they are added (and i am sure it would introduce security related issues). I thought that this is good add-on for the ISPConfig, because it "knows" about the servers and handles/configures them. May be it is just too much for a single IP.

Ok Discounting the above paragraph, I have some other issues,

How do the clients figure out which public IP the web servers are pointed to, cause they are not visible to them from their login inside control panel.

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