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Okay, very good. That behavior makes sense and I wish it were better-described in the manual. (Maybe it is and I missed it; my manual is old, too, purchased 2012.01.30.)

Given everything you've stated, I suppose that my only "wish" is to be able to "re-allocate quota" for all mailboxes for a given client.

The problem I see arising occurs when we need to increase a client's quota. Suppose that the client's quota is set to 10000MB. Suppose also that the client has set each mailbox's quota to 1000MB (and there are 10 mailboxes).

If we increase the client's quota to 20000MB, wouldn't the client have to adjust all of his mailbox's quotas, one at a time, in order to give each mailbox a 2000MB quota?

Basically, I would like to be able to click a button, "Re-allocate quota by dividing available client quota across all client mailboxes". Does this make sense? Or am I still missing something?

Thanks again, Till.
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