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Originally Posted by till View Post
Seems as if there is a wrong path in your symfony configuration as it tries to access a file outside of the web folder. It tries to open the path:


while all files should be inside the web folder, so it should be:

Well this is not "wrong" by Symfony. Modern PHP Frameworks avoid to put all its stuff in the document root of the webserver.

Symfony needs only one single php file (app.php) in the document root for bootstraping. The source is located in ../{app,src,vendor}

Originally Posted by
All public files and the front controller that handles incoming requests in a Symfony2 application live in the Symfony/web/ directory. So, assuming you unpacked the archive into your web server's or virtual host's document root, your application's URLs will start with http://localhost/Symfony/web/. To get nice and short URLs you should point the document root of your web server or virtual host to the Symfony/web/ directory. Though this is not required for development it is recommended when your application goes into production as all system and configuration files become inaccessible to clients.

Having such a setup supported in a proper way natively would be awesome.
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