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Originally Posted by Ripeed View Post
I am trying to restorade dir by:
./ dir /var/vmail/domain.tld 2013-04-06 /tmp

and I get:
./ line 575: /tmp/tmpbck/maildata: No such file or directory

So I whant restore backup to /tmp not in that folfer above.

Abyway if I create folde /tmp/tmpbck/maildata I get:
Null message body; hope that's ok

From the script:

# To restore dirs make sure you have the full backup from that month and use:
# `back-res dir /etc 2009-11-23 /`
# to restore the "/etc" dir from date 2009-11-23 to root
# `back-res dir /etc 2009-11-23 /tmp` is used to restore the "/etc" dir to /tmp
# `back-res dir all 2009-11-23 /`
# to restore all directories from date 2009-11-23 to root

Note: You try to restore /var/vmail/domain.tld this dir was backed-up? or it was /var/vmail or just /var ?

./ dir /var 2013-04-06 /tmp

but this depends on your settings.

P.S.: You can safely ignore the /tmp/tmpbck/maildata error - it's a file used to send mail to you...
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