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Default Perfect Server setup not receiving mail

Hi all,

First off, great site. Amazing tutorials and obviously a keen community, so pleased to meet you all.

I have a question though, I followed the perfect server set up for ubuntu 12.04 tutorial. All is working well apart from the fact that I can't receive email from outside the server. Sending is no problem however.

The server is ubuntu 12.04 running on linode. It's going to house a few of my personal drupal based websites as well as a couple of clients, so while the traffic is going to be low it's important that it is solid, which it seems to be apart from this issue.

I'm feeling a bit stuck, I've installed and re-installed the server several times now over the last few days and this is the closest I've got to getting it working properly. I think I'm 90% there but need a little help.

Quite likely I've missed something obvious, I'm no fool but I'm still rather green when it comes to this sort of thing.

Thanks in advance,

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