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Default how to add more servers on same ns


I have installed Virtual multi-server environment from tutorial on

is working fine

I plan to add 2 or 3 more servers to my existing Dedicated Server and want to use same NS1 & NS2 which I have added for my Server Set-up

My existing Server has 6 IPS & are used as under

Type: Node
Hardware: Dedicated
Hostname: root.example.tld
Type: Container
Hardware: Virtual
Hostname: web.example.tld
Type: Container
Hardware: Virtual
Hostname: mail.example.tld
Type: Container
Hardware: Virtual
Hardware: Virtual
Hostname: mail1.example.tld ( One extra Mail Server)
Type: Container
Hardware: Virtual
Hostname: ns1.example.tld
Type: Container
Hardware: Virtual
Hostname: ns2.example.tld

my "resolv.conf" looks like as under;

vi /etc/resolv.conf

search example.tld
nameserver # ns1.example.tld
nameserver # ns2.example.tld
nameserver # google Public DNS

vi /etc/hosts looks as under localhost.localdomain localhost server1 ns1.example.tld ns2.example.tld

Should I make /etc/hosts for 2nd server to work under same ns1 & ns2 as under?;

vi /etc/hosts (Server 2 which to be added to same network) localhost.localdomain localhost server2 ns1.example.tld ns2.example.tld

Thanks & regards,

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