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LinuxUser81 - I solved my problem. After much testing, I realized that although those uwsgi error messages were a nuisance, they were not what were causing the timeout. It ended up being that the Celery worker was starting up before the message broker. I had to run (assuming you are wokring with a SpamSnake)
update-rc.d -f baruwa remove
update-rc.d baruwa defaults 91
to fix it.
If the uwsgi messages really bother you, Ubuntu addressed it in 12.10. Upgrading from 12.04 to 12.10 will get rid of them.


Originally Posted by LinuxUser81 View Post
Hi, I have the same exact problem as jrossi90.
I wonder if a furture ubuntu patch will solve the problem ?
Any thoughts other than a future patch to sole the issue ?

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