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Originally Posted by monkfish View Post
Think you might have to specify timings... there are 5 fields that go before the command set you want to run in cron, defined as minute,hour,day,month,day of week...

This works:

repoquery --queryformat %{name} --installed -a > /lists/64/"$(hostname -s).list"
This is what I had, just dodgy c&p, along with the hourly run.

Here's the error was getting in logwatch:
Usage: repoquery [options]
repoquery: error: --queryformat option requires an argument
Originally Posted by monkfish View Post
How often you want to run this? You could of course put your script into /etc/cron.daily and be done with it!
If I get it working I would, any gotchas for cron.hourly
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