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Default Help with Prefix for db, user etc..

I now want to set up my prefix more logic then it is like standard.
As standard it is like this:
Database name prefix: c[CLIENTID]
Database user prefix: c[CLIENTID]
FTP user prefix: [CLIENTNAME]
Shell user prefix: [CLIENTNAME]
Webdav user prefix: [CLIENTNAME]

At my old server i have all this as [CLIENTNAME], but after reading this isnt good, beacuse db names only can be 16 charters.

What about if i change all to [CLIENTID], will this be better?
Im also thinking if it will be better to have c5[CLIENTID] (if this is my 5th server)

How are you guys doing with this?
I want to have this so logic it can, and i think its maybe more easy to find at which server a customer is.

But if i need to move some customer to other server that isnt good too.
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