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Default called ISP again

Till, thank your for your response again.

Upon reading your last message I checked the submission and it is already un-commented in roundcube.

I called my ISP again with more information and was told to use either 465 or 995. Could I use either of these? Will Roundcube work with 465, which is smpt ssl?

On the router I opened 995, 465, and 587, while "SMTP" and whatever assignments it is making is disabled.

I tried 995. I changed the /etc/services smtp 25 line to smtp 995 and rebooted the system.

Now I get a message when trying to login to roundcube, "Connection to storage server failed".

In the longer term I can change service providers, but in the short term hopefully I can come up with something. I think it could take weeks to change the IP address of my dns server records.

Apparently roundcube was using port 25? Could either roundcube or squirelmail be assigned another port? Is it easier to use 465 because it's already being used for mail over SSL? I do have a class2 certificate installed.
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