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In particular, I began to notice several permissions-related problems, such as "immutable" flags being set on files within some of the websites stored in the /var/www directory. I ran "chattr -R -i /", which seemed to fix the immutable problems, but then I noticed others.
Dont remove the immutable attribute on servers that allow access by ftp client to sites for your customers. The immutable bit is required for security reasons.

The php-fcgi problem that you have is not ispconfig related, the php binary /usr/bin/php-cgi requires libz and thats not installed or it does not has the correct version or similar. As this binary is not from ispconfig, it is from your linux distribution, there must be packages missing or dependency problems. You should consider to reinstall the php cgi / fcgi packages and their dependencies.

I should mention that I have several other sites whose PHP mode is set to Fast-CGI with the SuExec box checked, and these sites always functioned, even when the ISPC virtual host went tits-up. And they continue to function now, yet their vhost files also contain the "SuexecUserGroup" directive:
Most likely suexec is not working in these sites then, the ifmodule means that suexec is used optionally when it is installed while the ispconfig vhost requires it. In oher wors, your sites may work, but with wrong permissions, while the ispconfig vhost can not work without suexec as its required for security reasons.
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