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Originally Posted by till
This is not a bug in the backup that prevents backup, the question was thet the backup was not removed correctly. This is not related to your problem.
No, I'm aware of that. I just said that due to this bug the harddrive was full and the upgrade script couldn't finish and therefore failed. When I checked there were a handful of kb left. I erased those backups in a desparate attempt to be able to rerun the upgrade but I should have left the latest backup of course, my stupid mistake there but ispconfig still confuses me

Originally Posted by till
If you dont have a backup of the ISPConfig database and the Root/ispconfig and /home/admispconfig folders, you will have to reinstall ISPConfig.
Oh, I HAVE a folder called admispconfig in /home, not sure it's untouched though, and it seems my database is intact. Am I lucky? Can I just extract some files to root/ispconfig and go from there?

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