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Default Migrating from 2 to 3 (and to a new server) by hand

So - i allready know that you can't migrate a ISPCONFIG 2 System to 3.
but i plan to migrate every web / mail from an existing ubuntu 10.04 LTS LAMP System ( courier IMAP) to a new System ( Using Ubuntu 12.04 LAMP with dovecot (?) - using this install howto: ).

Has someone allready done this ? Any hints and Tips on this ?

The old server houses around 10 web projects - mostly using CMS Systems and around 30 mailboxes. It would be very good if i can make the transition in such a way that the customers don't need to change their mail-configs. At the Moment they al use a common URL for Mail-access (like and i plan to switch over the url in the process so that they don't need to change the mail-configs - but this would also imply that i have to bring over all the maildatas and all the passwords and reproduceall the mailacounts with exactly the same account-inromations (in this context: is it a bad idea to switch the imap-software ? has dovecot any benefits over courier ? all the howtos seem to include dovecot instead of courier)

i would be very glad for any help !!
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