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Default FTP chroot not working in ISPConfig

Hello, I have a fresh installation of ISPConfig on Debian Wheezy 64bit. I closely followed this installation guide:

I've been trying to get all the parts working and I've encountered weird problem with FTP access for clients.
I created a new site as admin for the first user. (
Then I logged in as a user and created a FTP account for that site. (dummyuser)

However when I log in, the user is chrooted in a weird way.
Contents of the home as the FTP user sees it:
Real contents:

I guess this is not expected behavior, I expected only access to empty folder which would be vhost htdocs roots.

I also checked settings and FTP users are set to be chrooted in /var/www/clients/[client]/[web]

Is there anything I am missing?

Thanks in advance!
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