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Originally Posted by Sheridan
Ok. To get sure i've checked the configs of our plesk server at work. For each domain i've enabled ssl i have a <VirtualHost <ip>:443> with a different "Servername <domain>:443" param. The ip is always the same and so is the path to the ssl cert file.
Right adding multiple virtual hosts like:
DocumentRoot "/home/www/securesite/"

DocumentRoot "/home/www/securesite/"
is quite possible. But if you try setting different document roots you will find that both and will end up with the samt document root. So, the above, while possible, is quite pointless.

If you want a secure site for multiple domains to use for a webmail install or something similar I would simply create a new website in ISPC and enable SSL. Then I just add a DNS record for and that points to the ip number of the secure site.

So it seems that you should trust this board and not the apache docu.
I think I still trust the apache team since my own experience with SSL and apache conforms with their view and that tells me I'm right ;-)
Check your plesk config again to see if the different virtual hosts have different document roots. If not then they are not really different sites, are they? If they indeed have different document roots have you checked that apache really honor the different document roots for the same ip?

However, what is possible is to make a secure site and install something like Drupal which supports multiple domains.
The ServerName is not visible to apache but it is visible to a PHP script.

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