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Under the remote user you created on the old server did you tick the check boxes for items you want to be able to export from old server to new server ?

This is the list:

Server functions
Client functions
Domaintool functions
Mail domain functions
Mail domain alias functions
Mail mailinglist functions
Mail user functions
Mail alias functions
Mail forward functions
Mail catchall functions
Mail transport functions
Mail whitelist functions
Mail blacklist functions
Mail spamfilter user functions
Mail spamfilter policy functions
Mail fetchmail functions
Mail spamfilter whitelist functions
Mail spamfilter blacklist functions
Mail user filter functions
Mail filter functions
Sites cron functions
Sites database functions
Sites Protected folder functions
Sites FTP-User functions
Sites Shell-User functions
Sites Domain functions
Sites Aliasdomain functions
Sites Subdomain functions
DNS zone functions
DNS a functions
DNS aaaa functions
DNS alias functions
DNS cname functions
DNS hinfo functions
DNS mx functions
DNS ns functions
DNS ptr functions
DNS rp functions
DNS srv functions
DNS txt functions
OpenVZ VM functions
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