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Post New Module Microsoft Exchange Hosted

Dear All,

We have started a new module, for managing Microsoft Exchange / Active Directory using ISPConfig. The goal of this module is to provide customer control into their Tenancy organization. There is a lot of works, but we are on the good way, and we have do a lot of stuff.
This module is on 2 parts, one on Windows (using a Windows service to communicate with the AD / Exchange and the database), and the second is on ISPConfig, for displaying, managing Active Directory Objects.

As this module use a copy of the LDAP database under mysql (done by the windows service) we need to implement complicate SQL query.

However, we didin't find documentation for ISPConfig for doing that.
We just see that every Mysql Table must have some columns, like sys_userid, sys_groupid etc..
How can we do that ? We need to implement "where" to the query, but on the module, we have to select all the table, and the {AUTHSQL} never help .

Is there a way for doing that ?
like that :

$liste["name"] 				= "Exchange_details";
// Database table
$liste["table"] 			        = "AD_MY_TABLE";
$liste["where"] 			= "columns='" .  $_REQUEST['id']  ."'";
Also, we need to use other objects with mysql, for performance, like stored procedure, and views..

In advance, thanks for your help.

PS: Of course, when this module will be done, all the sources will be push to the community, include Windows source.
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