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Originally Posted by Nilpo View Post
I would lean heavily toward the idea that it's a firewall issue. Sorry you couldn't get this working. I'm glad you've narrowed the problem down to something local as the issue.
I couldn't sleep without looking at this more, even though I said I give up.

I just spent 12 more hours on this. I replaced a router on my network with a brand new one, and did a fresh install, and everything works. I put the old router back on the network, wiped the drive and did a fresh install again, and the same error that was occurring is still there. I would say that the problem is certainly narrowed down to my router.

Both routers are Belkin and both are setup exactly the same.

........ Maybe the firmware in the router??? I don't know.

I am truly done with this issue for now. lol

Thanks everyone!
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