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Originally Posted by monkfish View Post
Have a poke around /var/lib/mailman/data and you might see that aliases is a symlink to /etc/mailman/aliases
Yes, that it correct. aliases is a symlink to /etc/mailman/aliases.

If /etc/mailman/aliases isnt there then mailman "should" create it when you add your first mailing list.
The first mailing list was created before installing ISPConfig as described in the tutorial.

If the alias file isn't present; ie you havent got any lists, then the worst that willl probably happen is it moans in /var/log/maillog about missing file thus:

May 10 14:27:18 server1 postfix/postalias[2948]: fatal: open /var/lib/mailman/data/aliases: No such file or directory
This error doesn't appear anywhere in my /var/log/maillog log file.
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