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Originally Posted by monkfish View Post

Sorry to hear you're still having issues with this. Clearly the (non-ISPConfig related!) issue I had wasn't the same problem.

I did not ever add in /usr/local/ispconfig to system PHP open_basedir. Mine currently looks like this on one machine (entry to /srv removed as that folder is completely empty on my install):-

On another machine with sites configured in different folder, config looks like this:-


Happy to compare configuration of your Centos 6.4 machine against three of my working ones, see if that assists you nail the issue?

(edited to add my php open_basedir config)
Thank you for your help.

I followed the guide, so my config line looks like your first config line using /var/www instead of /home.

It looks like your config line is the same as mine except the /srv part. That must not be the problem, if you didn't have to edit your config line to make the APS Installer work.

Still searching for the answer...
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