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Originally Posted by till View Post
We are working on the new manual and will make it available on that page. I'am sorry that it is a bit delayed due to the fast bugfix releases of ispconfig.

If you have a specific question on one of the new functions, then I will try to answer it here or write me an email with your questions.
Hi till,

well manual is not available yet so here is what I would like to set. I am writing it here because it may help other users

What I need:

1) create recurring proforma invoice which will be automatically generated 14 days before "Next payment" day and emailed to customer contact email
2) reminder to this proforma invoice should automatically send warning 5 and 1 days before "Next payment" day
3) reminder should automatically send information about cancelation of webhosting on "Next payment" day with message about cancelation webhosting after 5 days from "Next payment" day

What I did:

1) In Global Settings => Cron settings for recurring invoices:
- Send invoices by email - checked
- Create proforma invoices - checked
- Active - checked

2) I created recurring item with next payment and start date in future (date + 15) and set reminder to 12,11,5

3) no proforma invoice was generated and no reminder mail was sent

Thank you for your help
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