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Thanks for your reply. Actually that is not the problem.
Perhaps I did not explain my problem well ...

Instea dof using the hosts file we could simply use
the ip address. The issue is this:

SiteA was setup as a website on the server. Using
both the IP or we can reach the site. All good
so far.

We setup a second site - SiteB - on the same server. As far
as the ISPConfig3 is concerned, that site is for

Now the question is how do we navigate to the SiteB while has not propagated?

In other words, what is the URL structure to navigate thru
*ISPConfig3's structure* to reach SiteB?

And do we need one FTP account per site, in ISPConfig3? I
don't seem to be able to create one ftp account that can
access all the sites!

Any help will be appreciated
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