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Default multiserver - problem with db password for remote user

this is not question of priority support but problem with in multiserver setup.

i have reported here:[0]=&sev[0]=&due[0]=&cat[0]=&status[0]=open&percent[0]=&reported[0]=
but my post was long and maybe nobody have read it untill last comment where error is desribed:

Problem appears in multiserver setup when you change db user password and after it you change IP acces configuration for remote DB user

when database user password is changed in gui:
it gets changed in master ispconfig database in web_database_user,
passwords for both users (local and remote) in mysql user table on remote server are created correctly

But PASSWORD IN DATABASE ON SLAVE SERVER web_database_user table IS NOT CHANGED - is created new row with sys_userid and sys_groupid both set to 0
This new duplicate rows are overwrited when next db user is created and master db synced to slave server (but old password for remote user in slave web_database_user stays forever..)

Then when acces to db is changed IP<->% or another ip added, password for remote user is probably taken from this slave web_database_user and it is set wrongly in mysql user table, so remote access is not working then

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