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Thank you for you reply ...

i get this on /var/log/syslog
Dec 13 12:39:41 blade postfix/smtp[642]: [ID 197553] 631EA58C5: to=<>, relay=none, delay=268524, delays=268512/12/0.01/0, dsn=4.4.1, status=deferred (connect to localhost[]: Connection refused)
this the output: (-t command is not supported)

bash-2.03# netstat -apn

Net to Media Table: IPv4
Device IP Address Mask Flags Phys Addr
------ -------------------- --------------- ----- ---------------
eri0 00:1e:0b:a9:b6:98
eri0 00:1c:25:32:74:10
eri0 00:10:b5:c0:75:36
eri0 00:1c:25:4d:f3:d4
eri0 00:1c:25:4d:f4:43
eri0 00:27:0e:2d:b9:56
eri0 00:1c:c0:d3:48:ea
eri0 SP 00:03:ba:08:7c:d1
eri0 00:1e:90:75:e8:74
eri0 3c:97:0e:4e:f8:80
eri0 58:b0:35:87:19:2d
eri0 00:e0:1c:3c:5a:31
eri0 00:1c:c0:95:ff:7d
eri0 78:2b:cb:d6:96:a1
eri0 b8:88:e3:50:eb:e5
eri0 00:1c:bf:69:12:56
eri0 00:1c:25:4d:d1:50
eri0 dc:0e:a1:08:41:fe
eri0 00:21:27:ed:99:a5
eri0 00:1c:25:4d:f3:48
eri0 74:e5:43:7f:64:bd
eri0 38:60:77:29:cf:7d
eri0 90:a4:de:2d:57:c8
eri0 e8:3e:b6:b3:b8:d7
eri0 38:aa:3c:77:24:87
eri0 00:1c:c0:a5:7c:72
eri0 00:1c:25:55:ce:ea
eri0 SM 01:00:5e:00:00:00
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