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Question Ubuntu 13.04 APS Problem


I installed ISPConfig with the help of this tutorial.

One problem left: APS packages won't update or get populated at all.

Error code for every package available:

[INTERFACE]: APS crawler: Cannot read metadata from
Logfiles are not very helpful. 3 SimpleXML Warnings from PHP in lib/classes/ in Line 275:

$sxe = new SimpleXMLElement($xml);
But the XML gets generated.

The crawler is able to make directories in interface/web/sites/aps_meta_packages and places one file in every directory:

Example Directoryname: Zen
Filename in this directory: PKG_URL

Content of PKG_URL:
But no packages get downloaded, all MySQL Tables for aps_*, except settings, are empty. Debug log from ISPConfig doesn't deliver any further information. php5-curl and cURL are installed.

But something is missing! Can anyone help me?

Mike McNuke

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