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I've checked the database, It's there, I've even set access to 777 on the proftpd_ispconfig.conf

Is there some module needed for ISPConfig to create FTP accounts, For example, P.A.M?

Third time installing this software, It looks good & very useful..

I'm going to try on my Linux setup (Another PC) & I'll see if I can get it working... (btw, It's two people trying to figure this out)

I'll post asap...


So I tried this on my machine (different PC)
I created a site with FTP access, tried to login as 'client' (the name), No luck there..

disabled FTP.. went back & just as before, It was ticked again <_<...
Am I missing something, both machines are running Xubuntu 6.06.. (Not as previously stated)

I'm confused.... been trying to figure this out for days... (3)

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