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All folders in /var/www/ should be owned by root and only /var/www/clients/clientX/ folders to be owned by clientXX:webXX ?
No, /var/www/clients/clientX is owneb by root and not clientX:webX

The only folders that are owned by the web user in is the web folder which contains the html and php files:


and the cgi-bin folder and the private folder of the site.

What about the mods of each one?
Ypou can see that in detail on your own servr. Chnage a vlaue of a webist e.g. quota and click on save, then check out the folder permissions after one minute. The permissions that you see then are the correct permissions of ispconfig

Also I get this in my apache error log
Most likely a script that tries to find varius index files. This script does not belong to ispconfig.
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