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Default Permissions for Websites and stats

Guys after various updates of Ubuntu (from 10.04 to 12.10 to 13.04) and latest ISPConfig updates there seems to be some kind of missbehaviour when ISPConfig creates new files and folders.

Firstly, stats created after those days have "root" as owner instead of the webXX:clientXX.

Also I experienced the same thing when running sa-updates for spamassasin. The keys created and a new folder containing the new ruleset was owned by root instead of amavis. Lastly the /etc/spamassassin has debian-spamd as owner which I never created or have used before.

So all these pretty much confuse me, so I ' m seeking for a fix on the above and also I would like to know the correct permissions (chmod) for the folders in each website (/var/www/client/****) so I can check if the permissions are uniformly correct in all my website.

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