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Default perfect setup suse 10 - phpmyadmin & mysql question

hello all,

well, about a week ago i did the perfect setup for suse10. i wasnt totally happy with the install, so i re-installed last night, everything went perfect.

i installed ipsconfig to its own FQDN, and that runs on No problems there. Then i create a new site from ispconfig, i'll call that site, it is a FQDN as well, and i set it up to run on

I also created an admin for to manage the site from ispconfig, as well as a few new email acccounts for The problem comes when i want to login into phpmyadmin, i try two ways: Through ispconfig using the username and password i created for admin to, except when i use the password to access phpmyadmin the login is rejected, when i dont use the password, i get logged in...huh!. As well as no privledges to create a new database for drupal, or nuke or whatever. I get the same results when directly accessing phpmyadmin:

Why is there no password required? when i setup a password with the user account. Also, why doesnt the user or site have privledges to create databases?

sorry for the long winded question!! Any help would be greatly appreciated !

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