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Is there a way to redirect the address to the (https) to avoid showing some detail that I would prefer not show? and it make it look more professional?
No, thats not possible. This error message is a low level error that occurs because the browser sent wrong data. Unlike port 443 vs. port 80, you can not do a redirect on custom ports like 8080 in such a case as there is no corresponding http vs. https port.

2- My first site works in both http and https, how do I make it to redirect the to the https even if I type in the address bar http only?
Please see here:

3- What is the range of ports that I could use to change the default instead of 8080?
You may use any free port. Ports can be in the range from 1 to 65000. With:

netstat -tap

you can see which ports are in use on your server.
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