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Default DNS Issues :(

I am running in to a DNS error. Multi-server setup.

Server Set-Up
Server A: Main ISPConfig Server with everything. DNS, Mail, etc.
Server B: Secondary server, has everything less the ISPConfig Interface.

The website created "" is on server B

My DNS Settings in ISPConfig:
A	0	86400	
A	mail	0	86400	
A	www	0	86400	
MX	10	86400	
NS	0	86400	
NS	0	86400
When I DIG
When I DIG for NS
"dig NS"
;; ANSWER SECTION:	86400	IN	NS	86400	IN	NS
So you can see that it has the correct name servers listed BUT when you try going to that website it pulls up the default (new site welcome index.html) for the server and not the actual website. I have already FTP into the site and deleted the index.html and it now has index.php with the old wordpress installation from my last server I am moving it from.

I hope thats enough information. I need some major coffee/help.

Thanks Guys!

I forgot to say that intoDNS gives me this error:
DNS servers responded	ERROR: One or more of your nameservers did not respond:
The ones that did not respond are:
Also even If I use godaddy's DNS service it pulls up another site hosted on that server, but NOT the one I'm looking for.

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