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I do backups every weekday, and then a weekly backup for 4 weeks, that way i only ever have 8 backup files, but my backups go back a month, and i can even do a monthly backup if needed. Everything gets over-written, so no need to delete anything. and the weekly backups are stored off-site.

backup-daily-monday.tar to backup-daily-thursday.tar, backup-weekly-01.tar to backup-weekly-04.tar

I also run a script on a backup server, which has a wake-on-bios function. Every morning at 1am the server turns on, runs through the list of other servers to check if the servers are running, if so syncs with it/them (emails/websites/cloud storage area, and copies over the backup file from that night, and turns itself off... if it finds a server that is down, it will configure itself to be the server that is down (changing IP/hostname etc) then emails me to say what has happened. Then i just have to send my mum or sister an email to swap out the downed server with a pre-configured spare or they can swap out a faulty HD with pre-configured spares. I can then start the replacement server (with wake-on-lan) when i am ready and configure remotely, and restore files etc from the backup server which does the syncing.

By doing this i have only had to do one restore from backup in the last couple of years, and is particularly useful for me as i spend alot of the year traveling and living in other countries, and can be away for home for 9 months or more at a time.
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