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I support you guys. I enjoy using your software and will continue to support you financially and by word-of-mouth. In my opinion, you are exceptional at what you are doing. It's still important to realize that just because you are exceptional, it doesn't mean you can't improve. In my opinion you guys could improve on customer relations by taking what the customer says and using it to make your company even better, instead of trying to defend yourself.
Thank you for your feedback. We alwyas try to improve our customer relations and a new website which lists all additional support options will be online soon.

If I bought a software installation from you, and you discovered during the installation that my ISP blocks port 21, I would expect you to live up to your guarantee that your software installation will work.
If we discover that your server is not suitable to install ispconfig then you will get a refund of course. You will have to pay only when we completed the installation.

This might include any number of actions. Maybe you could setup FTP on an alternative port instead.
Sure, thats what we would do in such a case.

Of course they won't guarantee the software to be free from bugs. However, they do guarantee that the software will work at the time of installation, even though they are not the people who made the software. I once got a refund from one of the largest, if not the largest, company in the world that installs Plesk, because it didn't work correctly. It was explained to me that they had never witnessed the malfunction that was occurring and offered me a refund or another installation. The same should apply to your software installations.
And we can not guarantee for a bugree software as well, we can only guarantee that the service we do is correct and off course the software that we installed will work. ISPConfig has hundreds of functions and there can always be a bug in a specific function of a release.


If function x works on Centos 6.4 in general but it dont work in your install that we installed for you and we are not able to get it working then you will get a refund as thats a issue with the installation we did and not a general bug.

If function x does not work because it is only available on e.g. debian and you requested a centos install against our recommendation or its a bug in a specific ispconfig revision, then we wont refund it as we can not guarantee a bug free software. Such a bug will get reported to the bugtracker then and will get fixed in the next ispconfig revison which can be simply installed with the "" command.

Btw. our company exists for more then 10 years now and we do installations daily, we had not single refund request for a installation yet, so you can expect that we know what we are doing.
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