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Thank you for your response.

I support you guys. I enjoy using your software and will continue to support you financially and by word-of-mouth. In my opinion, you are exceptional at what you are doing. It's still important to realize that just because you are exceptional, it doesn't mean you can't improve. In my opinion you guys could improve on customer relations by taking what the customer says and using it to make your company even better, instead of trying to defend yourself.

Your analogies are not only incorrect, but they are also quite bizarre. However, in the end you answered the questions that I wanted answered. You do not guarantee that the installation will work (because there may be problems beyond your control), and you don't support CentOS, but you will install on it.

First, EVERY car that I have ever bought or sold (approximately 2,000) has always had a label on it guaranteeing that it will work and for how long. Sometimes, it is a 10 year guarantee, sometimes 30 days, or even sometimes an as is guarantee. Any normal sane person would want to know, before the sale takes place, if the car is guaranteed to work and for how long. The same should apply to purchasing a software installation. Second, we must recognize that the person selling the car is not the entity that manufactured the car. That's quite the opposite of your situation. Then, even though the person selling the car didn't make the car, they will still stand by the guarantee just as strongly as the people who made the car, and will help you resolve any issues you have with your guarantee.

it does not matter if its a paid software like Plesk, Directadmin, MS Windows or open source, then the company that installs it will not guarantee you that the software they install is bug free as well.
Of course they won't guarantee the software to be free from bugs. However, they do guarantee that the software will work at the time of installation, even though they are not the people who made the software. I once got a refund from one of the largest, if not the largest, company in the world that installs Plesk, because it didn't work correctly. It was explained to me that they had never witnessed the malfunction that was occurring and offered me a refund or another installation. The same should apply to your software installations.

If I bought a software installation from you, and you discovered during the installation that my ISP blocks port 21, I would expect you to live up to your guarantee that your software installation will work. This might include any number of actions. Maybe you could setup FTP on an alternative port instead. If you ran into a problem, which is beyond your control and beyond my control, that prevented the software you are installing from working correctly, then I wouldn't expect to have to pay for the installation of the product that doesn't work as expected.

The page decribes how and were to contact us for additional support options.
There is an email address link to a separate page that appears to let you submit a ticket. I never stated that it didn't give you a link to another page that might give you more information. I stated that the information that you are saying that is on the page is not on the page that you are saying that it is on. If the information is on a different page, then give that page link and state the information is on that page instead of the page that the information is not on. There is absolutely nothing about getting phone support on the page that you stated it was on.

Thank you for all of your hard work and effort that you have put into this project. I will continue to support you guys in whatever way that I am able.
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