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I don't see anything about phone support on there. I also don't see anything about remote login support per se.
The page decribes how and were to contact us for additional support options. We send out this information regularily when we get contacted trough the ticket system or by email orphone Please let me know by pm when you contacted us and which email address you used so I can lookup the support thread and see why you did not recievd the support options and pricelist.

I would be willing to pay for a "WORKING" installation on CentOS 6.4. It appears that you DO NOT support CentOS installations by reading the above statement. Is this true? It also does not indicate whether I will be provided with a WORKING installation of ISPConfig. It seems pretty silly for me to pay for an installation that doesn't work. I only need to have the APS Installer work right. Everything else, I can get working fine.
Off course its a working installation that we do. If you buy a new car then there is no label on it thats really a working car so why shall we put a label on the installation support that we are talking here about working installations.

We sell you a correct installation of ispconfig. What we sell is the installation service and not the software ispconfig. So when you pay us then you pay for the time that we work on your server to install ispconfig and not for the software ispconfig that we install or any specific function in it. What we can ensure that we do our installation job correctly, but it might happen that a specific function in ispconfig is not working due to a bug in ispconfig. Bugfixing in ISPConfig is not covered by the installation service, bugs if they get found will be reported in the bugtracker and gets fixed in the next ispconfig update. If you buy a installation service from another company, it does not matter if its a paid software like Plesk, Directadmin, MS Windows or open source, then the company that installs it will not guranatee you that the software they install is bug free as well.

Regarding the APS installer on Centos 6.4, I have a perfect server vm from Centos 6.3. here and the APS installer works fine. There are no bugreports about aps installer on centos 6.4 in the bugtracker, so I expect that it works on centos 6.4 as well.

It appears that you DO NOT support CentOS installations by reading the above statement. Is this true?
We know from our daily work that ISPConfig centos installations are quite unstable in the long term due to package conflicts and issues were yum overwrites config files. Centos has very few packages in its main repository and the other packages have to be downloaded from several external repos which sometimes contain conflicting libraries. We dont want to sell our customers a installation on a system that we know is unstable in the long run even if it works fine right after we installed it.

If you confirm us that you are aware of the issues with centos and you dont care on the long time stability regarding packages conflicts on centos updates and overwritten config files after centos updates of your system, then we can install ispconfig for you on centos as well.
Till Brehm
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