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Originally Posted by till View Post
For ISPConfig Enterprise support options like email, phone and remote login support please see ISPConfig support page:
I don't see anything about phone support on there. I also don't see anything about remote login support per se.

I have a question about the following:
ISPConfig Remote Installation Support

Installation of ISPConfig 3 on Debian or Ubuntu Linux on a single server by the ISPConfig Developers.

Price: 79,00
I would be willing to pay for a "WORKING" installation on CentOS 6.4. It appears that you DO NOT support CentOS installations by reading the above statement. Is this true? It also does not indicate whether I will be provided with a WORKING installation of ISPConfig. It seems pretty silly for me to pay for an installation that doesn't work. I only need to have the APS Installer work right. Everything else, I can get working fine.

I guess I am also asking if the remote installation is guaranteed? I don't want to pay for an installation where everything works except the APS Installer. If the APS Installer doesn't work, then the installation is useless to me and doesn't deserve payment.
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