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I wish to retract my Thank You for the solution from electronixcraft. After looking at the bug tracker, I can clearly see that you did nothing more than paste, exactly as it was written, from a bug that is claimed to have been fixed back in October of 2012.

I have clearly stated throughout this thread that I am using the current version of ISPConfig. My doesn't even match the one being referred to in the bug. This is obvious in numerous places. Furthermore, the current ISPConfig doesn't even have a "for" loop which is supposed to be edited to fix this bug. I do however have a "foreach" loop. Still, the line numbers referred to in the bug don't even match the ones in the current version.

This solution was a waste of time, since the bug being referred to was supposedly fixed last year, and because the block that is supposed to be edited doesn't even exist.

Any more solutions are welcomed, as I am still trying to figure this out.
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