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Originally Posted by erk
There can be only one SSL enabled site per ip, but that is already clear as I understand from your last post.
The thing with SSL is that there is no hostname, just ip-number. The hostname is not visible to apache. Therefore if and
www.domaintwo point to the same ip number and you have enabled SSL on a request to and should go to the same site whereas http requests will go to the two different sites.

In SSL only ip number counts.
Yep. That's the behaviour because of the missing VirtualHost entry for the second domain in the vhosts conf for <ip-address>:443.

Nope. Apache can resolve different domains when using ssl. I tried it manually on another machine without ispconfig to be sure.

I think you can take this as a feature request from my side. ;-)

Maybe the ssl option could change it's behaviour (and name) when a certificate exists on this ip and so when enabling it, it would be nice if ispconfig can create the entry in the vhosts config file.

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