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Question Domain Alias - 2 domains alike/2 mailboxes alike


1. If we have, say animalshop.tld and animalshopping.tld set up because we want to ensure people finding our shop, and then want to set up a mailaccount which works for both the domains - is this what domain alias is use for?
Because, what I normally whould do was to set up say mail@animalshop.tld as the "Mailbox" to use, and then set up a "Email Forward" from mail@animalshopping.tld --> mail@animalshop.tld

2. Setting the "Email Domain" with SpamFilter "Normal" - will be a standard setting for all mailboxes for this domain. So if you set "SpamFilter" in "Email Domain" you do not need to set "spamFilter" in the mailbox unless you want an other setting. Is this correct?

3. Regarding "Domain Alias" Is this a bug? If we setup a "Email Domain" animalshop.tld and animalshopping.tld and then a "Domain Alias" from animalshop.tld --> animalshopping.tld. Then we create the "Mailbox postmaster@animalshop.tld.. If someone sends a mail to postmaster@animalshopping.tld (has no mailbox-only domain alias) it will arrive at postmaster@animalshop.tld as it should!!
But, if we then make the postmaster@animalshop.tld a "Email Catchall" shouldn't the mail to hullahop@animalshopping arrive at postmaster@animalshop.tld ??? If not, shouldn't we be able to create the "Email Catchall" animalshopping.tld --> postmaster@animalshop.tld?

The error message when sending a mail hullahop@animalshopping.tld which via "Alias Domain" and "Catchall" should arrive at postmaster@animalshop.tld is:

Final-Recipient: rfc822; postmaster@animalshop.tld
Original-Recipient: rfc822;hallihallo@animalshopping.tld
Action: failed
Status: 5.4.4
Diagnostic-Code: X-Postfix; Host or domain name not found. Name service error
for name=animalshop.tld type=AAAA: Host not found

Is the solution to setup mailboxes for both domains and forget all about "Domain Alias" ??? Or is there someone who has the solution.. If I am very qurious about knowing this

Thanks in advance
Kind Regards

__________________________________________________ _______
Fixed IP/WAN
DMZ -> "ispserverip"
Primary NameServer -> ns1.myprimarynameserver.tld
Secondary NameServer -> ns2.somedomainservice.tld

Ubuntu Server 12.04.4
ISPconfig 3 v. (Single Server Setup)
NameServer: BIND v.9.8.1-P1
SquirrelMail: v.1.4.22
MailServer: PostFix v.2.9.6 - IMAP/POP3 Dovecot v.2.0.19
Database: MySQL Server v.5.5.29-0ubuntu0.12.04.2
Tutorial: "ThePerfectServer-ISPconfig3-Ubuntu12.04"

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