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Default Need DNS coaching, please

Have just installed ISPConfig 3 and managed to to make it work to ~95%. When it comes to DNS configuration, I'm just a newbie. Made some self-studies on the internet about DNS and got some sort of grip on the matter. But thats all.

My ISPConfig server is hosted on VPS from a ISP. They also provides their DNS server for my domain, where I can configure records through a panel.

I have only changed the IP-address in the default ISP settings, where "123.456.789.12" is the IP for the server which runs ISPConfig. They look like this:

Subdomain	Type	TTL	Data	
@		A	3600	123.456.789.12
www		A	3600	123.456.789.12
(IP adresses are fictive)

In the DNS records in the ISPConfig 3 panel, I have the following entries:

A	123.456.789.12		0	3600
A	mail		123.456.789.12		0	3600
A	www		123.456.789.12		0	3600 	
MX	10	3600 	
NS		0	3600 	
NS		0	3600
(Domains and IP adresses are fictive)

I can reach the website on without problems.

But when I make a ping to the,, from an "outside" computer, I receive the "Unknow host" message. So something is not properly configured for sure.

Any suggestions, please...?
Kind regards

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