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Originally Posted by darinpeterson View Post
[*]Creating folders in a client web# folder. I'm currently logged in as root, and I'm trying to create a new folder in /var/www/clients/client#/web#/, and I get "permission denied". I don't understand how this can be permission denied for root. How can I solve this problem, please?
That happens because the immutable bit is set on the web# folder:

You can change this behaviour under System > Server Configuration > Web > Permissions.

Originally Posted by darinpeterson View Post
[*]Piece Builder (pb) under one client needs the ability to write to other clients folders web folders. Under the web# folder there will be a symbolic link to the primary pb library that contains all the PHP files to allow operation of the CMS. On my current server, I made apache the owner of files/folders that pb needs to write. I would like to maintain the setting that a user becomes owner of the files in their folder on update, because that helps me with quota concerns. What is the best way for me to allow pb to do it's job?
This is difficult and maybe only possible with mod_php because it runs as the Apache user (whereas FastCGI, CGI, etc. run as the web user), but I would advise against using this on a shared server because of security reasons.
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