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Hi Till,

Sorry for the late answer - but thanks.. I get it now.. When receiving my first mails - there was "received from: server1.mydomain.tld in the header and the MX-record is --> mail.mydomain.tld!

It works.. Just not for long. But the new issue is not so big a problem, at least I hop..

Anyway, thanks for your help
Kind Regards

__________________________________________________ _______
Fixed IP/WAN
DMZ -> "ispserverip"
Primary NameServer -> ns1.myprimarynameserver.tld
Secondary NameServer -> ns2.somedomainservice.tld

Ubuntu Server 12.04.4
ISPconfig 3 v. (Single Server Setup)
NameServer: BIND v.9.8.1-P1
SquirrelMail: v.1.4.22
MailServer: PostFix v.2.9.6 - IMAP/POP3 Dovecot v.2.0.19
Database: MySQL Server v.5.5.29-0ubuntu0.12.04.2
Tutorial: "ThePerfectServer-ISPconfig3-Ubuntu12.04"
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