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Exclamation Apply additional information - "How ToDo" after installing the "ISPConfig3 Server"


Please start your post with information of your system - include the things I'm asking you about beneath. It take's to much time if we have to ask about it, when all you need to do is to make a "header" template to insert whenever you post a new post. (Just an idea)

First step! ISPConfig3 Manual":

"...Can login to ISPCONFIG 3 interface only when I type the internal/external IP address.
But cannot use the domain name, however I have added name server with my registrar two days ago now.
Here is a summary of my setup, Please help.
When i try to view the website using the public IP address , I get to see the Linux website sample where it says It works! and i do not get to see the ISPCONFIG 3 index file..."

1. Is it Ubuntu Server or Desktop?

2. Is it "Single Server Setup" (nameserver, mailserver, webserver, sqlserver on the same server?

3. Is your WAN IP a fixed IP or do you use any kind of DDNS service
If "No" - Stop right here... If "Yes" - please go on.

4. There is no single "index.file" to find for the ISPconfig Server! You need to read the manual! All sites has to be created: DNS-records, create client, create website, create maildomain, create mailbox etc. etc.) Short info right here:

But, you need to download the real manual! You can get it here:

5. Did you test your primary nameserver at your ISP technical support/site? Or on another test site? Did you set up the secondary nameserver to (ns2.somednsservice.tld) and did you set up the secondary nameserver to work only as secondary nameserver.

6. Did you set up the IP-numbers for the second nameserver in your ISPconfig CP?:
Allow zone transfers to these IPs (comma separated list)

7. Did you make a "glue-record" for your primary nameserver in your ISPConfig DNS setup

8. .... Well, I have more questions, but I would like some answers first. let's see how long this will take you
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