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Originally Posted by nsm
Is it possible to run die ISPConfig on HTTP and HTTPS? Because I would prefer to encrypt the connection with SSL, but at work all SSL sites are blocked. So I need HTTP too.
You would have to tweak /root/ispconfig/httpd/conf/httpd.conf for this, but then you'd lose the ability to update ISPConfig (because when you update, your customizations get overwritten).

Originally Posted by nsm
I creates some users for email adresses. I can give them webspace (default -1). I don't want my email-users to have ftp access or at least no webspace. I tried to set the webspace MB to "0" but the user can upload files to the users/<username>/web directory
This will be possible in a future version of ISPConfig.

Originally Posted by nsm
I've already read that mails with a virus are dropped. But is it possible to inform the user or at least the administrator that there was a eMail with a virus?
Not without changing the sources, and then again you'd lose the capability to update.
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