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Default OOOOhhh so close...

I brought home a new Windows 8, with Outlook 2013 and have not been successful in getting the sending test to pass.

I do have a POP3 account and domain email name.

I have spent exhaustive hours on the phone with my ISP (COX) and my web site designer.
Both point to the other.

What I find most confusing, and also supports their claims, is that the EXACT same settings work on my other computers in the house ( older Windows 7 with Outlook 2010 on them), but not on this new Windows 8/ Outlook 2013.

YOU were the only posting that came so close to truly outlining my exact problem. I tries all the port changes, etc you recommended in the above post ( changed to 465, etc) but it times out.

I tested my domain on the dnsstuff site and there were 2 main fails: Acceptance of postmaster and Acceptance of abuse. What does that mean? And is it relevant?

I am so hopeful; that you can help me.

With my warmest appreciation,

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