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Exclamation FQDN and the ISPconfig APP ...

Hi Darin,

I don't fully understand your question. If I have registered, and the host name of the server I named as, is the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FDQN) of the server.
Thanks, I get it now. Hostname "solo" together with the domain is the FQDN

Am I missing something? Can you provide more detail?
Reading about it in the manual I misunderstod - it's because in the monitor APP's guide, when you "add server" the exaple is "" - please look at this:

The Add Server/Modify Server form is structured as follows:
Hostname (without http://): Fill in the hostname of the server to monitor (without http://), e.g.

This what I'm trying to do. To make my ispserver reachable using the hostname server1.myispserver.tld . Because it's a single server setup, I use only 1 domain for the system: ex. ", for the primary nameserver i use, and I would like the server to be reachable using . Is it just to setup the subdomain? Somehow I thougt the ispserver would be reachable from the web using its FQDN. Like in the example from the App " My god! He's a storyteller

If you are just trying to see if your system is accessible, that should be relatively simple to test. Also there is an ISPConfig 3 monitor for your phone that you can install and check the status of your server. This would also tell you whether it's accessible externally.
The App I'm talking about

Look at the monitor app here:
There's only the one or?

Don't forget to go to your server System --> Main Config --> Misc and set the Monitor keyword.
Yes I know about that... My god, don't ever bye a smartphone using danish spell check. Just wrote the word "about" which was immediately changed to "snot" So sorry for the funny little and not understandable words.

Looking forward to hear from you

Kind Regards,
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