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Thanks for the quick reply.

I'd totally forgotten about the SSL aspect of this, I think I'll have to go with option 1. (Just set the MX record to for every client.) because I don't want folks ringing me up re certificate errors.

I don't really want to fork out for a wildcard certificate so I think when I move server I'll set up, buy an ssl for mail1, shift the accounts, and then add CNAME

As part of the move I was looking to expand to a couple of servers, and move sites and email clients between servers as necessary to balance the load. I was hoping that by using option 3, that I could change the CNAME records and make the move transparent to the end customer. E.g.
Before: Client1's email boxes on and CNAME
After: Move the client1's email boxes to and do CNAME

Is there anyway to achieve this without getting certificate errors? Maybe a way to redirect (like a web 301) to Basically, looking for a way to move some email boxes without having to trouble the customer.

Thanks for your help.
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