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Originally Posted by doughahn56 View Post
that ended a 2 hour battle with google. I could not find the thanks button but

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I am very happy that the end consumers are finding my solutions to all of the problems setting up this installation helpful. It's a shame that the authors of the software don't seem to care about all of the mistakes being made in the tutorials and the software itself. The authors have done a tremendous amount of awesome work on this project, but it all seems in vain when they refuse to acknowledge the smallest mistakes made in the tutorial that make the whole project useless for someone who isn't able to figure out the small mistakes that were made.

If you followed the tutorial exactly as it's written, then don't forget to fix all of the other non-working services on your system as well. You've already fixed dovecot and postfix. Pure-ftpd will need reconfigured for TLS, mailman will need the 'en' language selected, and other services can be made to work more fully. A quick search for posts made by me should shed some light on fixing some of these things.

Thanks for letting me know that you appreciate my post.
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