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Default So, taking a plunge from ISPC 2 to 3

I know in the past, there were some posts by either Till or Falko hinting at a possible migration wizard in the future. After installing ISPConfig 3 today on a new server (supposed to be deployed this week), I noticed no wizards in the menu.
I wasn't expecting a migration tool to begin with, so if there isn't one, I'm not disappointed. there one?

Also, the other question, since this new server's primary use is for email, am I correct to assume that outlook clients need to use their full email address as the username instead of just the part before the @ symbol. So, instead of using, I am not able just to use 'example'?

In any case, Till, Falko, and anyone who works on ISPConfig, your dedication to this project is simply incredible, and I feel bad that I cannot offer more than my sincerest gratitude.
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